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To me, the most meaningful part of healthcare is the time you get to sit face to face with a healthcare provider and share your health, your concerns, and talk with your doctor. With over a decade of experience, I work to foster and improve that time for the patient and the provider by offering simple, clear, proven communication solutions for patients.



Gain a unique understanding of the healthcare visit framework from a professional's perspective.

Effective Communication

Learn how to share vital information and talk effectively with your doctor for better health outcomes and successful visits. 

Improve  your healthcare experience by becoming an active partner in your own health journey.

Empowered Partnership

In Partnership With

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3 Ways We Can Get Started Together...


Live Workshops

Gabby provides in person and virtual workshops. Let's connect! E-mail Gabby today to network, learn, collaborate, or set up a time to chat.


Better MED Online Course & Worksheets for Patients

Research backed, proven step-by-step video course to plan, engage and talk so your doctor will listen. 

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Patient Consulting

Meet with Healthcare Communication Specialist, Gabby Ceccolini to address communication concerns, frustrations, or feeling of confusion during your healthcare visits.


Who is Gabby Ceccolini?

Improve your care with better communication

Gabby Ceccolini is a Healthcare Communication Specialist with over a decade of experience in medical education teaching tomorrow’s medical practitioners the benefits of patient focused communication; teaching future doctor’s how to talk to patients. Now she is equipping patients with guidelines and solutions for communicating effectively in their medical visits with the hope to improve the patient provider relationship and improve the medical visit experience for all patients. Gabby's expertise lies in addressing patients’ communication barriers, providing guidance, clear language and confidence building when attending doctor’s visits.  

The US healthcare system operates on a model of patient centered care, she is on a mission to teach patients how to be the center of patient centered care. 

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